Aluminium tripod XXL with 2m legs (for 80mm diameter masts)

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410.08 €

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Weight: 5.58 kg

for 14.5m HD 18m aluminium mast(transportation length 1.20m)

Aluminium tripod XXL with 2m legs

suitable for following masts: 14.5m HD and 18m mast
center hole diameter: 84mm
number of legs: 4
leg length adjusting range: 1.20 - 2.00m
transportation length: 1.20m (3ft 10")
weight: 6kg (13 lbs)
material: high quality anodized aluminium

This tripod fits together very well with our 14.5m HD and 18m aluminium telescopic masts.

It is a great help especially for a single person putting up the mast and Spiderbeam antenna alone. (For more details about Spiderbeam & telescopic mast installation see the Installation hints). All 4 legs are individually adjustable to level out uneven terrain.

The mast can be rotated inside the tripod. You can rotate the mast by hand, or a rotator (e.g. KR-450 or KR-650) can be placed at the bottom and turn the whole mast including the Spiderbeam.

The tripod can be folded away to a small packaging length of 120cm.