Basic guy ropes set / auxiliary ropes for 80mm aluminium masts

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126.05 €

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Weight: 3.30 kg

Suitable for the following masts: 14.5m & 18m aluminium telescope.

Basic mounting system / flexible alu-mast stand

suitable for following masts: 14.5m & 18m aluminium
center hole diameter: 76mm
number of guylines: 4
leg length adjusting range: 3.00 - 9.00m
transportation  size: 15cm x 25cm x 25cm
weight: 2kg
material: high quality aluminium and galvanised and stainless steel

This compact basic mounting system is a flexible alternative to the tripod and facilitates the installation of the mast and Yagi even on difficult surfaces..
Whether you want to attach the mast to objects or to the ground (e.g. with pegs). All 4 guy lines are freely adjustable in length between 3 and 9 metres.
In this way, you can adapt to different ground conditions and first align the mast stably with the enclosed spirit level before you install the main guy line and Yagi on the mast.
The mast can be rotated freely in the base guy wire, as the sheet is mounted in a special collar sleeve.

The small base guy rope set consists of 4 ready-made rope systems.
Each consists of: 10m weatherproof coated 3mm steel cable, chain quick release, thimble, stainless steel cable tensioner (eyelet-eyelet) and 2 stainless steel Duplex cable clamps to attach it to the top of the guy plate and to the bottom (hooks or harness rings). With 2 wing nuts on the outer duplex clamps, the rope length can be easily adjusted from 3 to 9 metres.

Die Feinjustierung und perfekte Ausrichtung mit der Mast-Wasserwaage macht man dann mit den Seilspannern direkt am drehbar gelagerten Abspannblech.