Bushing [Type 40] for 40mm tube


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5.88 €

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Weight: 0.06 kg

(from 50x4mm tube turned down to 45mm / approx. 42mm inner dimension)

Special aluminum tube element to protect the telescopic masts.

The 4mm thick and 40mm long aluminum tube is turned off at the upper edge to 2mm thickness, so that a collar is created on which the guy plate can rotate. This means that the guy plate does not rub on the tube segment of the aluminum mast when it rotates, but only on this sleeve. This is important for applications with a rotor or where the mast has to be regularly realigned or rotated within the bracing.

A mast that is only fixed in one position could also be fixed and guyed with simple sleeves or directly with the plates over the tube clamps. However, we recommend these sleeves for all guying systems in order to protect the mast segments from any friction. For this reason, the guy sets that we offer to match the masts always include the collar sleeve.