Special Coroplast 303 PVC insulating tape (30mm wide/blue)


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Weight: 0.08 kg

Robust insulating adhesive tape made of PVC with acrylic adhesive.
10m roll, tape is 3cm (1,181inch) wide with thickness of 0.2mm (7,9mil)

The extra wide adhesive insulation tape is well suited as a "temporary stopper" at the telescopic segment transitions or for attaching wire to our fiberglass poles and segments.
Of course, it is also perfect for all normal insulation work, repairing damaged insulation, wrapping cable ends and branches, stripping anchors and coils, labeling, bundling and marking cable sets and branches.
It is flame-retardant, resistant to ageing, has very good chemical resistance and, thanks to its high elasticity/pliability, wraps around any unevenness without creases. It should be tightened/pressed firmly and glued dry, then it also holds very well outside in the weather.

Quantity: 10m on a small plastic spool
Color: Blue
Thickness: 0.2mm (7,9mil)
Width: 30mm (1,181inch)
Temperature range: -10 to 100°C
DIN / EU norm: EN 60454-3-1 F-PVC / 105 / A-Tx type 10
Quality Made in Germany!