Ferrit Toroid ring FT-240-61


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high quality toroid

This ferrite toroidal core is used in our balun for our Yagi antennas.
It can also be used as a common mode choke or impedance transformer.

Technical Data:
AL(nH) 170 ±25%
Ae(cm2) 1.58
Σl/A(cm^-1) 9.2
le(cm) 14.5
Ve(cm3) 22.8

Outer diameter: 61mm/2,4inch (tolerance +/- 1,3)
Inner diameter: 35,55mm / 1,4 inch (tolerance +/- 0,85)
Ring width: 12,7mm / 0,5 inch (tolerance +/- 0,5)

Information on the material:
Suitable for broadband common mode rejection in the frequency range from 7 to 200 MHz. With several cable windings around the toroidal core, the suppression increases while the frequency decreases. Typical applications are end-fed antenna impedance transformers, off-center fed antenna impedance transformers or 1:1 baluns as used in spider beams.
Material data:
Initial Permeability: µi 125
Flux Density at Field strength: B 2500 Gauss / H 15 Oersted
Residual Flux Density: Br 1000 Gauss
Coersive force: Hc 1.1 Oersted
Loss Factor at Frequency: Tan δ/ µi 30 10^-6 / 1.0 MHz
Temperature Coefficient of Initial Permeability (20 -70°C): 0.1 %/°C
Curie Temperature: Tc >300°C
Resistivity: ρ 1 x 10^8 ohm-cm
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