single remnant item HEIL Sound ADM-817 adapter cable (Yaesu 8-pin round / 8-pin Modular - RJ-45)

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ONLY a few single items from old remaining stock are available, the component can no longer be re-ordered and there is no longer any SERVICE.

8-pin microphone jack to 8-pin modular plug (Western, RJ-45)
This adapter converts from the RJ-45 microphone connectors of the popular Yaesu units FT-817, FT-857 and FT-897 to the standard 8-pin round microphone connector.

The AD-1 and CC-1 adapters from Heil fit onto this connector, so all Heil microphones can be connected here as well.
The ADM-817 adapter provides the signals microphone-NF, microphone-ground, PTT and PTT-ground.

This means that all signals are available for the HMM-Y hand-held microphone, or together with the CC-1-Y-8 adapter for the Goldline and HM-10 microphone, or together with the AD-1-Y-8 adapter for the BM-10, ProSet and ProSet-Plus headsets.