Stainless steel knob screw M10 (Set of 10)

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42.02 €

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Weight: 0.52 kg

Fits to the clamps of all our aluminium masts.

Set of 10 stainless steel knob screws (screw thread measure M10x50mm, with black plastic knob full length 80mm , full height 50mm).
These screws fit to all our aluminium masts and are delivered as an upgrade. You can simply remove the original hexagon screws and replace them with the knob screws.

NOTE:  Not  for use with antenna rotors.
Knob screws cannot be tightened as tightly as the standard hex-head bolts.
In strong winds, the force applied to the antenna can cause the individual mast segments to rotate amongst themselves.
As a result, the rotor control unit no longer corresponds to the actual direction the beam is pointing.