Lower guybelt for 26m pole (part of ASG26)


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Teil des 3er Satzes zum Abspanngurt-Set ASG26

Replacement guybelt for the guying set of the 26m fiberglass pole.
This guybelt is included in the guying set and comes with the mast.
It is only offered here individually in case it was damaged or you want to use it for some other 82mm tube.
These sturdy guybelts are ideal for attaching the guy line (Kevlar or similar) in 3 of 4 directions to the pole.
They are flexible and lightweight, distribute the tensioning forces over a 5cm area and thus prevent damage to the poles even in strong winds.

Textile guybelt at the bottom on the 82mm tube / 5th segment of the 26m fiberglass pole, at a height of approx. 8.60m.